We appreciate your interest in working with the Surry County Schools Child Nutrition Department.

Applications for Child Nutrition positions are received through the offices of the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel or the Director of Child Nutrition.   Job assignments within the cafeteria are made by the Director of Child Nutrition.  Applicants must apply online by visiting: 


 Applicants must have the following information on file to begin work with Surry County Schools Child Nutrition:

  1. Print the completed, online application - sign and return to the Child Nutrition central office.
  2. Tax Forms (W-4 Federal Tax Form and NC-4 Tax Form)
  3. N.C. Public Schools Health Examination Certificate completed by a Physician (includes a TB test).
  4. Federal I-9 Form.
  5. Insurance and Retirement Forms (if applicable).
  6. Criminal History Relase of Information
  7. Surry County Schools Drug-free and Alchohol-free Workplace Compliance Form 

Please visit the SCS Child Nutrition Services central office to obtain forms listed above.

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