What is Accelerated Reader?

  • Grades 2nd-5th 2017 - 2018

    Cedar Ridge uses Accelerated Reader (AR) program as our reading incentive program for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  Students read books that are marked as Accelerated Reader books from the media center, their classroom, or from home.  After the students have read the entire book, they can take a computer test on it to get points.  As the students take the tests, the computer records the books they have read, and how many points they have earned.

    Check to see if a book is AR, by going to AR Bookfinder.

    1.  Students will be required to earn AR points.

    2.  They should read books on their level to grow as independent readers.

    3.  To receive the maximum points for the book, the student must make 100% on the AR quiz.  Students can receive a portion of the points if they make 60% or better.

    4.  Students must meet the required number of points for their grade level by December 9 to be eligible for the December 15 trip. (Second semester trip is May 26 - cut off date is       May 12.)

    • First Semester - Second Grade students need 25 AR points by December 9.
    • First Semester - Third - Fifth Grade students need 35 AR points by December 9.
    • Second Semester - Second Grade students need 30 AR points by May 12. (yearly total =55 pts.)
    • Second Semester - Third-Fifth Grade students need 40 AR points by May 12. (yearly total =75 pts.)

    Check your child's points here.