2018-19 NSHS Cross Country Team
2019 Cross Country Schedule

 Greyhound Runners

  • Head Coach:  Joey Slate
    Assistant Coach:  Julie Gammons

    Cross Country is a sport that is a test of endurance and physical and mental toughness. Runners compete in 3.1 mile long races to see who truly is capable of rising above adversity.  When the body and mind are saying "slow down- it's ok to walk" the Cross Country runner powers through and seeks to attain the glory found in overcoming and succeeding. North Surry Cross Country expects nothing less!

    Team Roster:

    Varsity Girls                                      Varsity Boys
    Madison Allen                               Ethan Calhoun
    Megan Angel                                 Dawson Depetris
    Nydia Cabrera                               Jed Felts
    Maddie Creed                                McCain Griffith
    Natalia Guerrero                           Keaton Leonard
    Leia Johnson                                 Aidan Oakley
    Melissa Mendoza                          Paolo Perta
    Mariana Ramos                             Isaac Riggs
    Weatherly Reeves                         Darian Seals
    Natalie Slate                                 Beau Sizemore
    Amelia York                                   Caleb Utt
                                                           Hunter York