2016-2017 Volunteer of the Year

Mrs. Angie Forte



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Angie Forte

Mrs. Angie Forte has volunteered to be the contact person for our school fundraiser doughnut delivery staying for 6+ hours to ensure all items were sorted and picked up. She has volunteered in K/1 classrooms doing First Step lessons for individuals & small groups, completed sight word lessons, one-on-one assistance with students work, helped prepare for Kindergarten Beginner's Night , stepped in when TA's are absent, printed and compiled Reading A-Z sets of English/Spanish books, and is a cheerleader for those students that have needed a little encouragement.

In first grade, Mrs. Forte has worked with many students tutoring them in math and reading. She has assisted students as they have completed projects on the computers as well as been an extra hand in class projects. Mrs. Forte has also worked to prepare materials for students to practice their sight words, games, and other activities in the classroom. She works with many students learning their high frequency words and has read with students who need some extra attention.  Because Mrs Forte is positive and encouraging to the students, they get excited to see her when she comes and are eager to work with her.

Mrs. Forte is a strong asset to our school community offering attention and assistance to students who need a kind, nurturing example.