Nurturing Parents Program

  • The Nurturing Parents Program assists teachers with scheduling home visits, group meetings, and health screenings. In addition, collaborative instruction, early intervention and language development are provided for students and their parents, including migrant children, who are behind academically due to the language barrier.

    The Parent Liaison is avaible to assist with the following duties:

    • Develop and implement lesson plans for pre-school children and their parents.
    • Teach social and academic English language skills.
    • Attend staff develop conferences and training related service and in-service training.
    • Schedule, plan and conduct regular home visits.
    • Schedule, plan and conduct parent group meetings.
    • Foster a love for books and reading in any way possible.
    • Provide support for these families.
    • Assist in preparation of instructional materials.
    • Complete record keeping tasks such as attendance, filling out forms, and student progress documentation.
    • Organize and arrange supplies for student use.
    • Perform other related duties such as attending parent/teacher conferences and professional development.

    Natalia Linares, Parent Liaison
    Rockford Elementary School, 719 Rockford Road, Dobson  27017
    Phone:  336/356-2375