• Permanent full-time employees are covered by the North Carolina Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement  System.  Employees contribute 6 percent of their monthly salaries, and employers currently contribute 5 percent of employee wages to the Retirement System. 

    Employee contributions are paid with pretax dollars, thereby reducing current state and federal income taxes. 

    Employees who are involuntarily terminated or who resign after five or more years of Retirement System membership may withdraw their retirement contributions, plus any statutory interest earned. 

    Persons who voluntarily resign with less than five years of membership in the Retirement System may withdraw only the funds contributed by the individual. 

    Persons leaving public school employment may elect to leave their contributions in the Retirement System. 

    For additional information regarding your retirement you may contact the North Carolina State Employees' Retirement System calling 1-877-627-3287 or visiting the My NC Retirement website.

    State-sponsored supplemental retirement plans are available to school employees.  The Deferred  Compensation Plan and State 401(K) Plan allow school employees to safe for retirement through tax sheltered programs.  You may contact the personnel department for additional information on these plans.

    The list of Approved TSA Accounts.