Life Insurance

  • Surry County Schools offers group term life insurance coverage to all full-time employees through MetLife.

    Basic Plan:  Surry County Schools pays for $5,000 coverage for each full-time employee.

    Supplemental Coverage:  Each employee has the option to add additional coverage to their Basic plan. Coverage can be purchased in increments of $10,000 at a rate of $1.71/$10,000. The maximum amount of coverage that can be purchased is $150,000. Any coverage over $100,000 has to be approved by MetLife.

    Age Limitations: Coverage decreases if you are 70 or older. Please review the plan document for further information.

    Dependent/Spouse Coverage:  Employees have the option to add coverage for their spouse (under age 70) and dependent children up to age 24 (and full-time student).  
    Spouse coverage ends at age 70.

    Option 1: $10,000 spouse/$5,000 dependent - $3.21/month
    Option 2: $20,000 spouse/$5,000 dependent - $6.42/month

    Annual enrollment occurs in October.