Board of Directors

  • Our Board of Directors are passionate about education and the future of Surry County. They believe investing in children's education will impact the future of Surry County's economy. Together, we will make a difference in Surry child at a time.  Members of the Board are volunteers from various businesses and several have either graduated or taught in the Surry County Schools.  Members of the board are:

    Graham H. Atkinson                          Eddie Brown                              Sexton Earlie Coe

    Jimmy Combs                                   Tim Dockery                              J. Samuel Gentry, Jr.            

    Fred Johnson                                    Molly Johnson                            Judge Spencer G. Key, Jr.

    D. Brent McKinney                            John E. Priddy, Chairperson         Dr. Travis L. Reeves

    L. Dean Simmons, DDS                     Sue W. Stone, Vice-Chairperson   William Swift                                   

    Nancy Wright                                   Gary T. York

    Dr. Ashley F. Hinson, Member Emeritus


    Surry County Schools Educational Foundation