• The 2020 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant application is now available.  Click here for the application.

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Enhanced Learning Mini Grants

  • 2019 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant Program

    Congratulations to our 2019 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant winners!  These educators received over $13,000 in mini-grants to be used during the 2019-2020 school year.  The Foundation looks forward to hearing about successes in these classrooms.
    In October 2019, we celebrated our teachers at the Annual Teacher Showcase and Dinner.  Please click here to see photos of this great event!
    Angela Caswell, 2019
    Bwhacky Tracks! - Kindergarten and first grade students at Westfield Elementary and Pilot Mountain Elementary will learn to play and sign melodies on a variety of classroom instruments that will aid in the development of audiation, language, and reading skills through the power of music. ~Angela Caswell, Westfield Elementary and Pilot Mountain Elementary Schools



     A. East, 2019 Lights, Camera, Action - This project involves using digital recording technology to advance literacy and communication skills by researching, writing, and producing projects from various classroom disciplines and the student body. ~Annie East, Pilot Mountain Middle School 


    Ardy Gonzalez, 2019

    Can You Hear Me Now? - Qball is a fun way to engage and interact with students using an innovative microphone placed inside a ball.  The main goal of this project is to encourage student engagement and participation.  With the use of a Qball, students who are timid, soft-spoken and who don't feel confident to speak out loud. ~Ardy Gonzalez, Cedar Ridge Elementary School


    Ashley Talbott, 2019 Go Virtual With Your Imagination - This project will bring every student at Cedar Ridge Elementary experiences that may not be available otherwise.  By incorporating Oculus Go Sets at the school, we will connect STEM concepts through utilizing Virtual Reality. ~Ashley Talbott, Cedar Ridge Elementary School



    Owl You Need Are Books - this integrated English Language Arts and Science unit will expose students to both billy pell 2019 fiction and nofiction texts about a similar theme or topic.  Students will apply a variety of reading skills to comprehend both fiction and nonfiction texts, will compare and contrast the books, and apply science by dissecting owl pellets.  Food chains will be created with this experience. ~Billy Pell, Westfield Elementary School




    Blair Lambert, 2019 Parade of Success Pageantry - For the annual Dobson Elementary School Parade of Success, students will create a giant tiger puppet (in the style of a Chinese dragon using multiple students to carry) and smaller character puppets to make this already outstanding event even more joyful!  ~Blair Lambert, Dobson Elementary School



    Outdoor Classroom: A Literacy STEAMER - This project will create an outdoor classroom to serve Science, Kelly Cave, 2019 Technology, Engineering, Arts, math, Exceptional Children, and Reading, and will spark balanced literacy across the school.  The outdoor classroom will create a setting to enrich student learning through explorataion and discovery. ~Kelly Cave, Gentry Middle School




    Kristi Edwards and Ashley Snow, 2019 Makey Makey Our Day! - This project will provide activities for our students to not only show their creative side using the makey Makey Invention Kit, but they will also learn problem solving, collaboration, and STEM concepts. ~Ashley Snow, White Plains Elementary School

    It's Time to Breakout! - This project will be used with all grade levels in all subjects at the school.  Students will work in cooperative groups and be critical and creative thinks to figure out clues that will lead them to new learning concepts in a fun atmosphere! ~Kristi Edwards, White Plains Elementary School

    Pick Up or Delivery! - This summer reading project will provide new books to Laken Simpson, 2019 students who can "pick up" at the school or will receive them by "delivery" at their homes. ~Laken Simpson, Copeland Elementary School



    Pattie Martin, 2019 Stay Together and Read-STAR - This project will bring books to life by providing many tools and materials to complete multiple STEM and art activities for the students to relate to the rich, complext text. ~Pattie Martin, Rockford Elementary School




    Healthy Heart "Beats" - The DrumFit curriculum will benefit all CMS students by providing diverse lessons that engageShelley Higgins, 2019 students in intense cardiorespiratory endurance activities.  DrumFit will be a blast of cardiorespiratory endurance that will enhance brain function while incorporating rhythmic patters using drumsticks and stability balls. ~Shelley Higgins, Central Middle School



    Steve Boone, 2019 Instrumental Growth - This project will place band instruments in the hands of band students in Surry County Schools by providing the tools and parts for onsite repair of school-owned instruemtns.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn how to complete small repairs to instruments. ~Steve Boone and Jordan Martin (not pictured), Central Middle School



     You've Opened A Whole New World - This project will use virtual reality to Susan Cromer, 2019 bring the world to NSHS students and give them real world experiences.  Students will be able to ttake virtual field trips, explore science topics, experience history and participate in real world adventures. ~Susan Cromer, North Surry High School




    Tonya Fletcher 2019 Making STEM Careers a Reality - This project is designed to improve fifth graders' scientific knowledge and skills via the use of virtual reality and educational apps.  Students will also be introduced to careers in STEM fields.  Using three-dimentionsal STEM-related field trips and scenarios will allow FES students to deepen their understanding of scientific concepts. ~Tonya Fletcher, Franklin Elementary School



     The Science of Art - This STEM project will enhance student learning by providing Wanda Bowman, 2019 connections to science, math, technology, and art through the use of science labs and experiments to teach art.  This project will reinforce STEM initiatives, teamwork, problem solving skills, and provide social interaction for students their learning of art. ~Wanda Bowman, Central Middle School



      Whitney Metcalf, 2019 OSMOzing STEM Lessons - This project will be used to add literacy and technology tools in my math and science instruction with new read-aloud books and two OSMO sets.  These tools will help to tie learning from all subject areas together in the classroom. ~Whitney Metcalf, Dobson Elementary School