Enhanced Learning Mini Grants

  • 2018 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant Program

    The Surry County Schools Educational Foundation Board of Directors is excited to continue the enhanced learning mini-grant program this year for educators in Surry County Schools.  The Foundation Board wishes to fund creative and innovative learning opportunities with a focus on STEM education, reading achievement, and/or the arts.
    Teachers may submit one application for a $750 grant individually or as a team.  Proposed projects should incorporate STEM initiatives, reading achievement and/or the arts.  The application deadline is March 29, 2018, at 5 pm.  For more information and to submit your application online, click here.  You can also download the application here.

    Congratulations to our 2017 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant winners.  These teachers received over $7,700 in mini-grants to be used in the 2017-2018 school year.  The Foundation looks forward to hearing about successes in the classrooms.

    Kathy Brintle Self-Sufficient Living with Science - With this project, students will learn about plant science, sustainable living,  and careers in the agricultural industry as they build structures and plant,  maintain, and harvest gardens in raised beds and containers.  Students will  develop and practice healthy living skills, sustainable living practices, and    data collection and reporting in real world settings.  ~ 
    Kathy C. Brintle, Gentry Middle School

    Dana Draughn

    The Magic Book Bus Summer Literacy Project - The Magic Book Bus will ride through local communities on specific dates in June and July, 2017, providing books to check-out and snacks and juices for children.  Volunteers will read to children at
    each bus stop.  The project goal is to provide continued literacy immersion for children within our community over the summer, thereby reducing the impact of "summer reading regression."    
    ~ Dana Draughn, Flat Rock Elementary School

    Tonya Fletcher Summer Reading Rocks! - This project will minimize the loss of reading performance over summer  break by providing reading materials for K-3 students at the school.  Parents and guardians will become more engaged in and excited about reading and  education by reading with their student and then helping him/her decorate  rocks with those books' themes.    ~ Tonya Fletcher, Franklin Elementary School


    Alicia Ray Reading + STEM = S-U-C-C-E-S-S - This 6th grade reading program includes students, parents and teachers who will read the same book, complete discussion guides and STEM projects, and attend an evening book club.  This project will increase reading test scores, increase communication between students, parents, and teachers, and help the transition between elementary and middle school be much smoother for 6th grade students and their parents.   ~ Alicia Ray, Meadowview Magnet Middle School

    Stephanie Bode

     Virtual Field Trips - This project will help students become compltely focused, on-task and  excited about learning through a virtual reality system.  Students will not  only receive a 360 degree experience visually, but they can actually interact  in their vitural environment, bringing a new level of learning.   ~ Stephanie Bode, Dobson Elementary School

    Beth Lowry The Imagination Toolbox:  Utilizing the Creative Process to Build Higher Order Thinking Skills and Increase Reading Achievement - This project will provide teachers with resources to engage students in the creative process. Students will be provided new opportunities to think critically and to improve reading comprehension and achievement through the arts.    ~Beth Lowry, Pilot Mountain Middle School

    Amy Harpe

     Problem Solving Fridays - This project will introduce K-2 students to coding which will help them  develop logical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and persistence.    Coding centers on Fridays will alloow students to explore many different  elements of coding, explore cause and effect relationships, and sequencing  to help build skills that transfer to the classroom.  ~ Amy Harpe, Pilot Mountain Elementary School

    Andy Atkins Thunderstruck!  Building the Modern Elementary Instrumental Ensemble - This project will provide a modern instrumental ensemble experience to students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade through the use of both traditional and innovative instruments.  Students will gain skills needed to perform in an instrumental ensemble setting and provide opportunities for students to showcase those skills throughout the school year.   ~  Andy Atkins, Mountain Park Elementary School

    Phillip Riekehof



    Breakout from the Norm - This project will involve communcation, collaboration, critical thinking and  creativity in lessons that will engage students by utilizing the Breakout EDU  toolbox.  A series of challenges, clues and locks will test students to be  innovative thinkers and work together toward common goals and rewards.   ~ Phillip Riekehof, Flat Rock Elementary School

    Lori Hiatt Bringing the World into the Classroom through Virtual Reality - This project will provide students with opportunities to visit places all over the world without leaving the classroom.  Students will create STEM projects based on where they go and what they see, and experience the world around them to make stronger connections to reading.  ~ Lori Hiatt, White Plains Elementary School


    Ashley Talbott



    Learning with Legos - This project will allow students to use Legos during project based learning  while working and learning independently and showing what they know and have learned in a different and unique way.  Students will be able to create a  story using all story elements, present and communicate more effectively,  and become more excited about reading and science.  ~ Ashley Talbott, Cedar Ridge Elementary School