Enhanced Learning Mini Grants

  • 2018 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant Program

    Congratulations to our 2018 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant winners.  These educators received over $17,000 in mini-grants to be used in the 2018-2019 school year.  The Foundation looks forward to hearing about successes in these classrooms.

    K. Brintle Ready, Set, Grow! - This project is a student-centered, hands-on project that teaches life skills and lessons to students through raising vegetable and flower gardens.  Students learn how natural cycles and humans intearct without harming the environment while providing necessary habitats, foods, water, and jobs for sustainable communities. ~ 
    Kathy C. Brintle, Gentry Middle School



    D. Draughn

    The Magic Book Bus Summer Literacy Project - The Magic Book Bus will ride through local communities on specific dates in June and July, 2018, providing books to check-out and snacks and juices for children.  Volunteers will read to children at
    each bus stop.  The project goal is to provide continued literacy immersion for children within our community over the summer, thereby reducing the impact of "summer reading regression." ~ Dana Draughn, Flat Rock Elementary School



    Building Gardens, Building Minds - The aquaponics lab is an authentic, hands-on K. Luce
    way to introduce so much learning through real life problem solving on a daily basis.  Students have to solve problems such as how to grow plants more efficiently, how to monitor and adjust pH, and whether or not there are enough fish to provide nutrients for the plants.  It will teach students about sustainability for the future. ~ Krystal Luce, Meadowview Magnet Middle School



    C. Willard Storytelling Quilts Go Digital - This project will bring the traditions of of storytelling through quilts into the 21st centry by incorporating digital technology.  The quilt making process and its rich history will be shared with a new generation of children. ~ Courtney Willard, Pilot Mountain Elementary School



     Shaping, Teaching, Exercising Minds...Creating my Own STEM Project ThisG. Moser Time! - This project will allow all students in 4th and 5th grades to do reasearch on a STEM career and design a project that is relevant to the career they choose.  Students will create a budget of supplies needed to make their pojrect and work individually or with a partner to make the project they designed.  ~ Grayson Moser, Pilot Mountain Elementary School



    A. Talbott Buzzing through Learning with Bee Bots - Bee-Bots are small, easy-to-use robots that will help students learn directionality, sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving through a fun and inviting way.  Bee-Bots are easy to use and operate making them perfect for school use. ~Ashley Talbott, Cedar Ridge Elementary School


      J. Collins Wearable Guts - This project will allow students to create a human body project
    that they can wear and use for instruction.  Students will plan, design, paint, and label the organs of the human body, as well as discuss how organs interact with body systems. ~ Jennifer Collins, Franklin Elementary School
    A. Snow SWITCHing Up Learning - This project will bring the Nintendo Switch device and Nintendo LABO kits into 4th and 5th grade students' hands for creating collaborative learning experiences.  The technology will interact with each other to create a virtual reality experience. ~ Ashley Snow, White Plains Elementary School





    Using Robots to Teach Coding - Different types of robots will be used to help teach coding in collaborationS. Bode with other curriculum skills. Combining robitics and other curriculum objectives is a creative way for students to learn important STEM concepts. ~ Stephanie Bode, Dobson Elementary School

    T. Fletcher Coding is a Snap! - This project will provide eight Finch robots for students in grades 1-5 to use during media classes.  Students will develop an increase in design thinking, computational thinking, spatial awareness, scientific thinking, and mathematical thinking through coding the Finch robots. ~ Tonya Fletcher, Franklin Elementary School



    A. Caswell

    Classroom Cajon Drum Circle - Kindergarten through fifth grade students at two schools will use unique drum circle configurations and instruments to perform various rhythms. Learning to read and perform rhythms reinforces mathematical and literary skills as students learn complex patterns on cajons.  ~ Angela Caswell, Pilot Mountain Elementary School


    M. Ellis Exploring with Osmo - Students will use an iPad paired with the Osmo Explorer Kit and Osmo Pizza co. game in the EC and kindergarten classrooms.  Students will master reading, math, problem solving, and critical thinking skills through the hands-on exploration of Osmo games and technology. ~ Melodie Ellis, Shoals Elementary School




     "Talk About a Revoluntion"-An Integrated Reading Unit - Students in 5th grade will read about the American RevolutionB. Pell then conduct research on peple and events of that time.  Students will then create a living museum to reenact imporant events and battles of the American Revolution. ~ Billy Pell, Westfield Elementary School


    Making Sounds Waves in Elementary Music - New instruments will hep students study sounds D. Walker waves and acoustics, and how each instrument makes a distinct sound when made of varying materials.  When we have instruments from different cultures we give students a chance to learn about new parts of the world. ~ DeAnna Walker, Copeland Elementary School

     STEM Art with Photography - This project will provide students the opportunity to capture, edit, and displace STEMA. Flippen artifacts through artistic photography.  Students will investaigate, capture, and highligh STEM initiatives on campus and in classrooms.  Students will apply pohotography and editing knowledge gained to create a monthly diasplay for STEM-focused art. ~ Amber Flippen, Surry Early College High School


      E. Akers Osmo Kits for the Classroom - Osmo kits will be used in classrooms at math and literacy centers to help students with number recognition, creating shapes, recognizing letters, and creating words.  This project will give students tools for enhancing their number sense, letter/sound identification, and creativity with shapes. ~ Emily Akers, Copeland Elementary School





    What's the Weather? ¿Cuàl es el clima? - This project will allow students to use technology while practicing their T. Goettel speaking and presentation skills as they produce a daily weather report.  Students will use an iPad, SeeSaw app, green screen, and an indoor weather station to present the weather in English and Spanish. ~ Trina Goettel, White Plains Elementary School


    K. Moxley Using Glockenspiels to Develop Creative Skills with Literature - This project will provide glockenspiels (often called xylophones) for students to use with children's literature to be performed at school programs.  Through the use of a variety of children's literature, children will have the opportunity to create, improvise, and perform. ~ Keena Moxley, Rockford Elementary School



    Osmos for Awesome Growth - Osmo will expose children to hands-on activities that will enhance growth in reading andR. King STEM concepts.  Teachers will be able to schoose specific skills in a game-like format that will allow students to work in small groups or idependently. ~ Rachel King and Erin Simpson (not pictured), White Plains Elementary School


      A. Smith Ukes for All - This project will provide string instruments for a ukelele ensemble.  K-12 students will cooperatively reinforce reading and mathematical skills through the study of music and perform for community and school events throughout the year. ~ Angie Smith, Central Middle School



    Happy Fingers: Rocking and Jamming with Keyboards - This project aims to provide a keyboard ensemble experience L. Edwards for students in K-5 by allowing them to learn proper techniques in keyboard playing, gain skills needed to read, play and create music, and share those skills with friends and family. ~ Luann Edwards, White Plains Elementary School


    A. Ray Gaming to Learn - This project will allow students to apply cross-curricular content knowledge and expand comprehension of nonfiction informational text in an exciting, innovative fashion while strengthening critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills using different types of strategy games. ~ Alicia Ray, Meadowview Magnet Middle School