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    Welcome to Surry Early College.  

    As a redesigned high school, the mission of the Surry Early College High School of Design is to provide opportunities for students from a diverse background to achieve a college education. Approximately eighty ninth graders, who represent the demographics of Surry County, are admitted each year. When all grades are complete, the school will have a maximum capacity of 400 students. Designed on the key concepts of rigor, relevance and relationships, academic delivery is based on real-world problem solving with numerous opportunities for students to present their research in multi-media formats. In addition to meeting college requirements, students must perform at a proficiency level on all End of Course tests. While athletics are not offered at the current time, students are developing leadership skills through public speaking, drama and journalism.    


    The mission of Surry Early College High School is to provide rigorous and relevant opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to achieve a college education while earning a high school diploma.  


    Surry Early College High School of Design offers a unique opportunityfor students to complete a high school diploma and earn an associate's degree, and/or career credentials from Surry Community College in 4 or 5  years. Students are provided a safe, supportive environment in which close relationships are encouraged.