• 2019-2020 Student Council

    2019-2020 Student Council       WE ARE... DOBSON TIGERS!

    ROAR Students Leader of the Month
    Students are chosen each month from each class to be the class Student of the Month for ROARing with positive leadership skills.

    ROAR Bus Leaders of the Month
    Students are chosen each month by our bus drivers for showing ROAR leadership on the bus.  

    Book Buddies
    One student out of every 3-5 class is picked to help out with free library checkout throughout the day for thier class. They are trained in the beginning of the school year. 

    Tech Team
    One student out of every 3-5 class is picked to help being the technology helper for their class. They are also trained in the beginning of the school year. 

    Student Council
    Student Council elections take place each fall. After the four officers are elected, classes vote to elect class representatives and our Student Council meets monthly after school.

    Flag Guard
    Fifth grade students have the opportunity to be on the Flag Guard. They learn how to put up and take down the flag each day. Showing respect for the flag by learning how to fold it correctly is part of this teams responsiblity.

    DES Chorus
    Students in grades 3,4.5 can try out to take part in the Dobson Elementary School Chorus. These students rehearse monthly and perform throughout the year.

    DES Art Club
    Our Art Club meets after school each month.  Students fill out an interest form and are chosen to participate by our art teacher.

    Honor Roll
    Every nine weeks students who made all A's or A's & B's  on their quarterly report card are recognized.

    ROAR Recognition
    Students who display ROAR leadership attributes are recognized on a monthly basis, with a special celebration.  Students are able to earn daily Tiger Tickets and Pawsome office referrals, as well as punches on their ROAR punch card to redeem at the school store.

    Battle of the Books
    Twelve students in 4th and 5th grade are chosen each year to be on the Battle of the Books team. These students read 18 books and must recall details in order to answer questions about each one. A county wide competition is held for all elementary teams "to battle" and determine which team knows the books the best, by points earned.

    Our 4th and 5th grade students have a chance to apply for the Robotics team that meets one a month.

    Grow Strong Club
    Students complete an application expressing interest in being on this afterschool running club. There are two sessions: One in the Fall semester and another in the Spring semester.  The students in both sessions train with the goal of running a 5K.

    Mad Science Club
    Students can register to participate in this afterschool club each Fall. More information on times and prices will be shared