School Calendar Legislation Summary

  • North Carolina General Statute § 115C-84.2

    The following information may be helpful in reviewing the calendar decisions made by the calendar committee and the Board of Education.

    • Each local board of education shall adopt a school calendar consisting of 215 days all of which shall fall within the fiscal year.  All weekdays on the calendar are counted in the 215 day total from the first day teachers work until the last.
    • A minimum of 185 days OR at least 1,025 hours of instruction covering at least nine calendar months (our Board has traditionally chosen 180 days and 1080 hours).
    • A minimum of 10 annual vacation leave days. These days appear pink on our calendars.
    • The same or an equivalent number of legal holidays occurring within the school calendar as those designated by the State Human Resources Commission for State Employees (there are 11 – July 4th  is outside the school calendar). These days appear red on our calendars and cannot generally be moved.
    • The remaining days are scheduled by the local board in consultation with each school's principal for use as teacher workdays. These days are green or yellow on our calendars.
    • On those teacher workdays, local boards shall designate at least two days on which teachers may take vacation leave.  These days are light green on our calendars.
    • The total number of teacher workdays for teachers employed for a 10 month term shall not exceed 195 days. Student days plus teacher workdays cannot be greater than 195.
    • School shall not be held on Sundays.
    • Veterans Day shall be a holiday for all public school personnel and for all students enrolled in the public schools.
    • Opening and Closing Dates – for most schools and school districts across the state, the opening date for students shall be no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26, and the closing date for students shall be no later than the Friday closest to June 11. Some special schools affiliated with colleges like our Surry Early College are exempt from this.
    • Our Board of Education may adjust the closing date in order to meet the minimum days or hours if emergencies occur, however we can’t extend beyond day 215 for teachers.
    • Our Board of Education has traditionally provided four early release days for county-wide professional development meetings for like-subject or like-grade teachers. These days are gray-blue on our calendars. We also traditionally provide an early release day at the beginning of the Christmas holiday and the final school day for students.