Tuition Assistance for Provisionally Licensed and Lateral Entry Teachers

  • In an effort to assist provisionally licensed and lateral entry teachers who are employed full-time in the Surry County School System, the following guidelines are in place to ensure that reimbursement for costs incurred are fairly and equitably distributed.

    Teachers employed full-time may be reimbursed for the following: 

    • Tuition for courses needed to clear provisional license
    • During one school year, the annual reimbursement will not exceed $300 per teacher, contingent on federal funding.
    • A reimbursement form and invoice or receipt should be forwarded to the central office for reimbursement as follows: 
                          Career/Technical Education teachers to  Dr. Jill Reinhardt;    
                           All others to Dr. Tracey Lewis
    • Documentation for reimbursement should include receipts and verification of class completion (e.g. transcripts, grade reports, etc.).
    • Reimbursement must not exceed $900 per teacher over a three year period beginning with the first year of employment.
    • Reimbursable amounts are based on available funds and are evaluated annually. 

Tuition Assistance Form

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