• Molly Slater is a 2017 recipient of a $500 Absher-Moxley Memorial Scholarship.  Molly reflected on prescription drug abuse prevention in her application essay, saying, “The prescription drug epidemic does not target one age group, one gender, or one race, yet instead targets any and everyone willing to try…The heartbreak that comes from this abuse and the effects it has on everyone is an issue as a community we need to take serious, get involved in, thereby bringing the epidemic to an end before one more life is destroyed.”  Molly is a graduate of East Surry High School and plans to go into the medical field.

Molly Slater, 2017 Absher-Moxley Scholarship Recipient
  • Montanna Kuhlman is also a 2017 recipient of a $500 Absher-Moxley Memorial Scholarship.  In her application essay, Montanna states that “Drug addiction may start simple enough…What you don’t realize at the time is that you risk ripping the hearts from those who love you.  You endanger your body, your mind, and your soul.”  Montanna is a graduate of North Surry High School and plans to study marine biology at UNC-Wilmington.

Montanna Kulhman, 2017 Absher-Moxley Scholarship Recipient
  • 2016 Recipients:  Haley Beeson, ESHS and Logan Smith, SECHS


    The Surry County Schools Educational Foundation facilitates this scholarship.  To make a donation to this program, you may send your check to the Surry County Schools Educational Foundation, c/o Absher/Moxley Memorial Scholarship, PO Box 364, Dobson, NC  27017.  For more information, contact Ashley Mills, Foundation Liaison, (336) 386-8211 or millsa@surry.k12.nc.us.