Lateral Entry Teachers

  • Per SL 2017-189 Lateral Entry licensure ceased to be issued on June 30, 2019. Current Lateral Entry license holders must fulfill all requirements to clear or convert the license by June 30, 2022. 

    The Residency License replaces the Lateral Entry pathway.  

    As a prerequisite to employment, all new teachers must meet with Carolyn Simpson, Licensure Specialist.  At this meeting what you need to do to complete the lateral entry process will be explained .  You will be introduced to the Regional Alternative Licensing Center (RALC).  You also receive a letter from RALC

    Once you receive the letter from RALC, please review it carefully and the course syllabi and activities for courses required by RALC.  Use this information to take the coursework needed to complete the lateral entry process and become a licensed teacher.

    SCS provides some courses that RALC requires.  These independent study courses are:  (1) School Policies and Procedures; and (2) Home, School, Community Collaboration.

    Directions and requirements for completing these independent study courses can be found at the bottom of this page.

    In order to receive credit for this course, upon completion of all requirements, please schedule an appointment with Tracey Lewis, Director of Communications, Teacher Recruitment and Retention at or call 336/386-8211.

    In addition to completing lateral entry work, you must also meet the Beginning Teacher requirements and the SCS Required Professional Development.


  • According to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:

    • An initial lateral entry license is valid for three school years.  It can be extended for one year if the holder earns a minimum of six semester hours of the outlined course work per year.  Lateral entry employees must meet all program requirements within three years. 
    • Lateral entry employees must earn the required score on the designated Praxis Series specialty area test or subject assessment tests.  If they do not, the license cannot be extended. 
    • Lateral entry license holders are subject to all regulations that apply to other beginning teachers in North Carolina.  They must successfully complete three years of teaching in the Initial Licensure Program before their licenses can be converted from lateral entry to clear and continuing status.  Lateral entry employees retain initial status throughout the entire period during which they complete academic and testing requirements. 
    • For a lateral entry license to remain valid, the holder must meet the testing and progressive credit requirements within the three-year limit whether or not he or she continues to be employed in a North Carolina school system.

Independent Study Courses