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    Applications for the 2023-2024 School Year are Now Available!

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    Are you interested in earning your first 2 years of college while you complete your High School Diploma? At Surry Early College High School, students are full-time high school students and full-time college students! Our students have the opportunity to receive their 2-year college degree in their 4 years of high school completely free! Our students are highly motivated to launch their future in our rigorous, non-traditional classrooms! Surry Early College is the only program in Surry County where students can easily finish their entire degree during high school!  


    • It is strongly encouraged that all interested applicants and a parent/guardian attend the information session at SECHS on January 26.
    • Complete the application question responses in blue/black ink or type. Attach all documents together securely. Applications missing the requested information will not be processed.
    • Give the completed application to your school counselor by their assigned due date. The counselor will attach any additional documentation and/or information to the application. The application is readily accessible to students through school counselors or the SECHS webpage.
    • Counselors at district middle schools will collect, add needed documents, review applications, and sign of on completed applications. They will also hold all applications prior to the deadline and inform SECHS that applications have been received and are ready to review. The Surry Early College High School of Design counselor or administrator will collect and review the application.
    • Applications from students attending private and/or home schools must be sent to SECHS by U.S. mail or delivered in person to the SECHS office (located in the T-Building, on the campus of Surry Community College).


    Applications must be received by 3:00 PM on March 10, 2023.  

    All students and a parent/guardian are expected to attend the SECHS information session.