Training Information

  • We are very excited to offer new training for all of our Substitute Teachers in Surry County. This will be mandatory training in order to be an approved substitute teacher.

    The VIRTUAL training is offered by the App-Garden University.  There are many benefits to you as a sub such as the ability to train anytime and anywhere you have access to internet. It is so important that we as a district keep you current on the board policies and procedures as well as giving you great tips and ideas for being a successful substitute teacher.  This training is required of all subs in order for our district to meet compliance requirements.

    There are two courses offered:

    • Surry County Schools Substitute Teacher Orientation with Effective Substitute Training is intended for NEWor RETURNING substitute teachers in Surry County Schools who are not ETT certified  or do not hold a teaching certificate. This course is $49.00.
    • Surry County Schools Substitute Teacher Training is intended for RETURNING substitute teachers in Surry County Schools who are ETT certified. This course is $39.00.

    Once you complete this training course you will be given a certificate of completion which may be printed and kept for your records.  The district office will be sent a report of your completion and this will also be a record of your intent to sub this year.

    You may review the course as many times as you feel necessary within your 28 day enrollment in the course which  begins on the date of the purchase. You will go to the Surry County Schools website to enroll in the course.  Once the purchase has been made, you will receive an email with a link to the training.

    Again, we appreciate you and the service you give our children.

    Kevin Via
    Assistant Superintendent