License Renewal

  • Renewal Criteria:

    • A unit of renewal credit is equivalent to one quarter hour or one in-service credit from a North Carolina public school system. A unit reflects ten contact hours.
    • One semester hour is equivalent to 1.5 units of credit.
    • For a professional educator's license to remain current, all credit must be earned by the expiration date of the existing professional educator's license.
    • To renew an expired Professional Educator's Continuing License, 8 units of renewal credit must be earned.

    Activities accepted for renewal credit:

    • College or university courses
      • Official transcripts are required as documentation; grade reports are not accepted.
    • Local in-service courses or workshops
      • The administrative unit certifies credits.
    • Classes and workshops approved by an LEA
      • Documentation of completion is provided by the agency sponsoring the activity.

    How to Apply for Renewal of a Professional Educator's License
    Access the NCDPI Online Licensure System to request renewal of your Professional Educator's License. Instructions and more information are available within the online licensure system. You must upload into the system the following documentation to verify your eligibility for licensure renewal:

    • Official Transcripts - Grade reports are not accepted in place of official transcripts.
    • Certificates of renewal credits and/or additional supporting documentation that shows the number of contact hours earned for professional development activities.