The Beginning Teacher in Year 3

  • Third Year Beginning Teacher responsibilities are:

    • to attend all scheduled, required beginning teacher meetings
    • to update a PDP (Professional Development Plan)
    • to submit into the Beginning Teacher PowerSchool Learning drop box a copy of:
      • PDP Record of Activities (NCEES)
      • Record of Teacher Evaluation Activities (NCEES)
      • Summary Evaluation Form (NCEES)
      • HRMS report
      • Extracurricular/Non-instructional Duties Exemption Waiver Form
      • Mentor checklists 1-4
    • to complete Literacy for All course

    Director/Administrator/Mentor responsibilities are:

    • to continue mentorship
    • to ensure beginning teachers are observed 4 times during school year (3 by administrators and 1 by mentor)
    • to complete and submit mentor checklists
    • to ensure beginning teachers have PDP conferences at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. The beginning teacher, mentor, and administrator signs.