• Leadership Logo  

    Maximize individual leadership potential for students, teachers, staff, and community.

    • Design and implement a Leadership Framework for the Next Generation Student Leader to ensure leadership development is defined and modeled.  
    • Ensure leadership integrates character education, service learning, and civic engagement for all students.
    • Ensure leadership includes natural, age-appropriate progression as students lead self, lead with others, and change their world through authentic leadership opportunities afforded them.
    • Design and implement a Leadership Framework to recruit and retain the Next Generation Leaders (administrators, teachers, and staff).
    • Include a natural, job-appropriate progression of leadership, an expanded leadership practicum, professional development, expanded leadership opportunities, and continued university partnerships.
    • Foster and model individual and collective teacher efficacy through highly effective Professional Learning Communities that encourage all to grow in leading self, leading with others, and changing their world by and through instructional, human, managerial, and micro-political leadership strategies.