• Each Friday, students in grades 2nd-5th grades, participate in P.I.E. Day.  This is a time that students that explore and build on their passions and their strengths.  Each quarter, students choose the club that they want to be a part of.  The choices are Makerspace, Minecraft/Coding, Music/Arts, Grow Strong, Relaxation Club. 

    In Minecraft club, students coded with Cubetto. This is also the club where students get to build using Minecraft and other coding programs and websites.

    Students in Relaxation club practice identifying different emotions and learned different ways to self-regulate and calm themselves.

    During Makerspace Club, students used Virtual Reality Headsets to ride roller coasters and catch dinosaurs. This club also uses Dig! The Merge Cube, Legos, robotics, and so much more!

    Grow Strong Club spends their time working out, running, playing sports, and increasing physical endurance.

    Last, but definitely not least, is Music and Art club. Students explore different ways to be creative, using dance, drawing and computer