Parent Involvement Plan 2020-2021

  • Franklin Elementary School

    Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2020-21

    *All meetings/reports/parent involvement activities could change based on COVID   Plans A, B, C for the 2020/21 school year.

              Franklin Elementary School personnel know that students achieve more when the school and families work together to support learning.  Our school staff strives to create an environment where parents feel welcome to communicate and participate.  There are many opportunities available throughout the year in which parents can help to promote successful educational experiences for children. 

    The following provides an overview of the activities and opportunities that will be coming up this school year.

    Communication and Conferences

    • Student planners contain the school handbook that gives information to assist parents in understanding the policies, guidelines, and expectations for students in the school system.
    • Planners and weekly parent/teacher folders are utilized to help students organize assignments and provide a place for daily parent-teacher communication in the form of notes and reminders.
    • Parents are asked to read, sign, and return student/parent compacts at the beginning of the school year.
    • Progress Reports and Report Cards are sent home each quarter to be signed by parents.
    • The school sign, newsletters, notes, haiku, and School Messenger Messages in the students’ native language are used to tell about upcoming events and classroom activities.
    • Interventions are developed, implemented, and monitored for at-risk students to ensure that students’ learning needs are being met.
    • The school works to address the needs of students identified as at-risk of academic failure through the support available through the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) process. Parents or guardians of such students are included through oral or written communication.
    • The Surry County Schools’ website may be found at SCS Website . A wealth of information may be accessed from this source about the various programs and current news events for the school system. Information can also be found at SCS Facebook Page In addition, Franklin Elementary School’s website can be found at FES Website where school specific information can be located.  (There is also a Surry County Schools mobile app to download for additional information).
    • Parents can also visit the school’s Facebook page or follow the school on twitter.
    • Commitment to Excellence surveys will be provided for all parents and students. The feedback will be used for school and academic improvement.
    • In grades 3-5 parents will be provided with EOG score sheets and Understanding Your Child’s Test Scores.
    • In grades K-2 parents will be provided with mClass reading assessment reports.
    • Parents are sent home information about our PBIS Program which must be signed each year.
    • Parents are made aware of safety procedures at school.



    • Grade level parent awareness meetings will be held at the first of the school year. Teachers will discuss the School-Parent compact as well as information about academic content and ways that parents can become partners in the educational process. Information about Franklin’s Title I classification will also be shared.
    • PTO meetings will be held three times a year.
    • Parent conferences are scheduled during the first grading period with additional conferences set up as needed. Conferences with all parents are conducted in their native language.
    • The School Improvement Team meets monthly. These are open meetings that parents are welcome to join. Call the principal at 786-2459 for further information.
    • Parents are invited to visit the school at Open House, grade level parent nights, any lunch time, and all extension activities that involve a classroom, grade level, or whole school population.
    • Parents are invited to special events at the school such as; DARE graduation, grade level awards programs, ESL Parent Night, Beginners’ Day, Book Fair Night, parent/student breakfasts, parent/student social events, and grade level parent awareness meetings.


    Revised 9/8/20