• Westfield Elementary School Talk About a Revolution, 2018
    An Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant Project

    Billy Pell, Teacher

  • Mr. Billy Pell of Westfield Elementary is always looking for a new, exciting way to energize his students.  Thanks to your support, Mr. Pell led the 4th and 5th grade classes of Westfield Elementary in the presentation "Talk About a Revolution: A Living Museum" during the winter PTO program at the school. This program went along with their reading unit on the American Revolution. The project is a 2018 Enhanced Learning Mini-Grant project, a program that is provided by Foundation supporters who are passionate about education. 

    Students researched historical figures and events. Angela Caswell worked with students on music and their skits. They wrote reports and created backdrops for their person or event.

    “Each student really got into this project,” said Pell.  “From the history of the war, to the backgrounds of each historical person, to the outcomes of each individual’s role in the war, our students created a living museum for our school’s community to learn from and enjoy.”

    The museum was divided into seven different sections, including:

    *The Hall of Historical Figures:  Students dressed in period costumes, produced art to go along with the figures’ setting, and discussed his/her figures’ life during the evolutionary war. Eighteen historical figures were represented including King George, George and Martha Washington, Molly Pitcher, James Forten, and John and Abigail Adams.

    *The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: A dramatic reading

    *The Boston Tea Party: A musical performance

    *Betsy Ross: A musical performance

    *The Boston Massacre: A dramatic performance

    *Yankee Doodle: A recorder/handbell performance

    *Valley Forge and the Battle of Monmouth: A dramatic performance

    The entire student population, as well as parents attending the program, visited each section of the Revolution presentation. 

    “I think these kids will remember all parts of the ‘Talk About a Revolution’ project for a long time.  The passion and excitement Mr. Pell has shown for this project is contagious,” said John Priddy, Foundation Chairperson.  “We have all learned a lot, and I know his students and community really enjoyed this project.”