Parent and Family Engagement Plan

  • Surry County Schools embrace the concept that students achieve more and make better progress when schools and families collaborate to support student learning. All Surry County staff provides a welcoming atmosphere in order for parents and families to communicate and participate in many facets of their children’s educational experiences. The resources for families in Surry County are numerous and schools are providing support for families. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs around and comes with very long hours and almost no training. While the rewards are great, the process of nurturing, guiding and teaching a child can be quite a challenge. The Surry County School System is helping hundreds of families smooth out the bumpy road of parenting.  By equipping parents with information, supporting with fellowship opportunities, and connecting them to other area resources, this school/ parent/family partnership can truly make a difference in the lives of the children in Surry County Schools. SCS is heavily investing in parent and family engagement by establishing the following guidelines:

    I.  Encourage Parent and Family Engagement

    • Establish a Title I Parent Advisory Council that will meet three times a year to discuss parent issues concerning the education of their children.
    • Send written notification regarding beginning of the year activities and information about Title I with the Surry County Title I brochure for all Title I schools.
    • Support holding Open House and parent/family awareness nights in which teachers discuss goals and objectives to be taught from the NC Standard Course of Study and expectations of students.
    • Teachers, students, and parents, review parent/teacher/student compacts and then sign together.
    • Require all schools to have an annual Title I Parent Meeting and to notify parents about the significance of Title I.
    • Require that the School Improvement Team that includes parent representation include a Parent and Family Engagement Plan as part of the School Improvement Plan.
    • Hold schools responsible for distributing planners containing Surry County student handbooks, which must be signed by students and parents.
    • Communicate with parents using planners, phone calls, letters, School Messenger, message board in front of the school, and disciplinary notices.
    • Support the recruiting of parent and community volunteers to tutor and mentor needy students.
    • Require written notification when a child’s performance is below grade level.
    • Encourage bilingual or second language parent and family engagement.

        At the school level set the following standards to initiate parent engagement in schools:

    • Conduct parent/teacher conferences before the first report card is sent home.
    • Send report cards and progress reports home to have signed and returned on the assigned schedule. (Make sure parent understand the report grading system.)
    • Provide interpreters for speaker of other languages and translation of written information/notifications in parents’ native language.
    • Hold grade level or subject specific parent nights to provide tips for student achievement, to discuss curriculum brochures, EOGs, K-2 Assessment, English Learner Progress, and to make and take items parents can use to help their children at home.
    • Share information about Positive Behavior Intervention Support.
    • Solicit parental support for school improvement and other planned events.
    • Hold School Improvement Team Meetings that are open to all stakeholders (parents,students, teachers and administrators).
    • Maintain an up-to-date school website.
    • Invite parents to visit the school for meetings, conferences, to have lunch with their child(ren).

    II.  Assist Parent Understanding of Academic Requirements:

    • Create and distribute a district produced Annual Report. 
    • Send home the School Report Card.
    • Send home information about testing results with parent copies of test results.
    • Notify parents of the NC Public Schools Report Card website annually
    • Notify parents in parent conferences and by letter if their child is at risk of not achieving grade level expectations.
    • Share examples of problem solving strategies for math to ensure that parents know the format of the EOG.
    • Host balanced literacy information nights for selected grade levels in K-3.
    • Provide educational websites for enhanced learning opportunities.
    • Send home report cards, progress reports, Reading 3D, i Ready, WIDA reports and other assessment documentation to notify parents of student progress.

    III. Coordinate Parent/Community Interaction:

    • Support coordination of Christmas and other needed assistance for struggling families with: Wal-Mart, Surry County Sheriff’s Department, Salvation Army, local churches, and other charitable organizations.
    • Work closely with SCS Education Foundation.
    • Support coordination of  health services for students with the Surry County Health and Nutrition Center, local dentists, Surry Friends of Youth, hospitals, physicians, and other behavioral and health services agencies.
    • Tier III support via The Children’s Center for at-risk youth.
    • Require invitation of parents to attend DARE graduations and other celebrations.
    • Encourage participation in Surry Arts Council and other agency fundraising efforts events by donating items or services for auction.
    • Hold a volunteer training session.
    • Encourage participation in charitable organization events:  Friends Feeding Friends food drive, Jump Rope for Heart, Relay for Life, disaster relief, and others.
    • Promote careers with local agency support, and our College and Career pathways.
    • Require schools to host Red Ribbon Week Activities.
    • Solicit community and business partnerships.
    • Maintain a system of support for the academic and general well-being of students while creating, responding to, and sustaining meaningful partnerships with parents and the community.
    • Establish and implement a program to provide weekend food sent home in backpacks for needy students and their families.
    • Provide parent training by hosting Parent Awareness Nights on such topics as: Family Math, EOG Preparation, Balanced Literacy, Grade Level Curriculum, ESL Night, Raising the Whole Child, Promoting Self-Discipline, Keys to School Success, and other timely topics.

    If you need additional information or have suggestions/ comments to improve our parental engagement in Surry County Schools, please feel free to contact the Director of Federal Programs (336) 386-8211.  We look forward to continuing a positive partnership with you to increase student success.


    Updated 07/01/2020


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