• Student Eligibility

    Students must be in good academic standing to apply for an internship. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 is preferred, but the final decision about participation rests with the school recommendation.  Student must:

    • Have a junior or senior high school status
    • Have at least 12-20 hours per week to devote to an internship position
  • Student Requirements

    • Have a career interest and some coursework and/or credentials related to internship site.
    • Work/Intern at minimum of 180 hours during a semester period to receive high school internship credit.
    • Complete program requirement forms such as parental approval, travel documentation, hour verification, and other pertinent forms.
    • Complete any academic courses and/or certifications required of the internship site.
    • Complete any necessary assignments to receive high school credit for the internship.
    • Perform satisfactory or higher on performance evaluations.
    • Be flexible!  The student's schedule may need to be adjusted to include your internship time and coursework and/or certifications required.
  • Stipends and Travel Expenses

    Surry County Schools received the Golden Leaf Foundation Grant which has afforded students the opportunity to receive a stipend for their internship and travel expenses.  Students can receive up to $500 per semester in a stipend and up to $500 per semester for travel expenses, totaling $1000.

    Travel:  If interns provide their own transportation and turn in their monthly timesheet by the due date, they will receive $125 at the end of each month. If interns need Surry County Schools to provide transportation to and from your internship site, they will not receive a transportation stipend.

    Stipends:  Students will receive $100 per month for completing your internship experience. Timesheet and any other required paperwork must be completed and turned in to receive the stipend.  Interns will receive a $10 “bonus” stipend for Overall Performance of “Average” on the Intern Evaluation and a $25 “bonus” stipend for Overall “Good to Outstanding” on the Evaluation.

    Employer Pay: Some employers may decide to pay student interns a wage, give a bonus, or pay for transportation expenses. This is an agreement between the intern and the employer.

For more information contact:

  • Crystal Folger-Hawks  Mrs. Crystal Folger-Hawks
     Career Coach