• Your generosity is amazing.

    Thank you for your support of education.  Your gift has given students fun and creative educational experiences!

    Thank You For Providing Summer Camp To StudentsLive and Learn Camp

    During the summer of 2021, students were given the opportunity to explore agriculture, art, space, science, aeronautics, and more through the Surry County Schools Ignite Camp.   Your support provided over 190 students the opportunity to enjoy eleven summer camps. 

    At the “Surry County: Live & Learn” camp, students enjoyed field trips around Surry County and visited local businesses, parks, and farms to learn about where they live!  Students needed these learning experiences, and you made them possible.


    Thank You For Bringing Reading To StudentsCRES book bus

    Because of you, the Cedar Ridge Elementary “Panther Book Bus” visited students during the summer of 2021.  Your gift brought books and snacks to children in the Cedar Ridge community, helping students become better readers. 

    Cedar Ridge Elementary Assistant Principal Victoria Calhoun and volunteers created a safe environment for reading while having fun.  “The book bus was a wonderful experience for all involved. It allowed our staff to visit with our students during summer break. It also gave our students access to books to read over the summer so they can stay sharp with their reading skills,” said Calhoun.


    Thank You For Giving Students Agricultural ProjectsMMMS bench

    Your support provided students at Meadowview Magnet Middle School the ability to have a hands-on experience of building wooden benches for the school campus. Students worked in teams in every aspect of the project including reading plans for the benches, measuring, drilling and assembly.  With this project, students gained an understanding of basic agricultural engineering principles and practices, and remember tools’ safety practices related to agricultural mechanics.


    Thank You For Providing Students With BooksPMES book

    Students at Pilot Mountain Elementary read two books about baseball that taught life skills including responsibility, leadership, confidence, and perseverance through the “One Book, One School” program that you provided.  After learning what books would be read, students created baseball pennants where they shared their goals and dreams. East Surry High baseball players visited the school and reading a chapter from the books, talked with students about setting goals, and about working hard to achieve goals.

    PMES students also participated in a community service project, led by the school’s Student Council, to collect coins.  All money raised was donated to the Armfield Recreation Center to assist with maintaining outside facilities. Your support created this fun and important project.


    Without your donation, these opportunities may not be available for students to enjoy.  

    Thank you for making sure all students are able to enjoy opportunities to learn!  Continue your support with a secure online gift today!