• Your generosity is amazing.

    Thank you for your support of education.  Your gift has given students fun and creative educational experiences!

    Thank You For Providing On-Site Science Experience
    Franklin Elem Catawba Sci Center

    Your support of students and teachers gave Pre-K students at Franklin Elementary four opportunities for hands-on science lessons and literacy centers that extend and enrich classroom learning with a visit from the Catawba Science Center Mobile Preschool Program.
    “Pre-K students are unable to go on field trips off campus,” said Sharia Templeton, Franklin Elementary Principal. “Bringing special programs such as the Catawba Science Center Preschool Program to our school helps to introduce them to material that supports classroom curriculum in a different and creative way.”

    Thanks to you, students are getting great science education.


    You Provided Students With World Travel
    SCHS VR project

    Students in Stephanie Miller’s Art Class at Surry Central High School explored World Heritage sites, landscapes, significant architectural sites, and art history, with virtual reality sets.  The experience gives students the technical knowledge and ability to navigate a world outside the classroom that is beginning to rely more and more on interactive technology.

    With this program, students are also working in groups to design functional, interactive spaces.  Using the virtual reality sets, the students can create a floor plan including walls, windows, doors, and other functional features of the space.

    Your help with introducing this technology to students addresses their needs to be competitive in college and the workforce.  Students explore through independent action and collaboration in groups. Communication skills are improved, and students achieve a common goal through work with peers.


    Teachers Received Needed Project Supplies
    PMMS kindness rocks

    “Supporters of the Educational Foundation have helped our teachers and students tremendously.  We are able to do so many hands-on, engaging science experiments because of the funds used to purchase materials.  In addition, they have supported our initiative to stop bullying and spread kindness by purchasing materials to create kindness rocks, which have been spread throughout the campus.”  
                                                       -Principal Molly Anderson, Pilot Mountain Middle School


    Students Enjoyed No-Cost Local Field Trips
    Field Trip photo

    Thanks to you, students in all grades were able to enjoy local field trips to the Andy Griffith Playhouse, the Historic Earle Theater, the Mount Airy Museum of Regional History, and the Science Institute at Meadowview Magnet Middle School.  In 2022, 192 field trips happened at no cost to the student-because of you!    

    Fun and educational field trips take students to a world beyond the classroom, thanks to your help.  Participation in field trips, provided by you, creates memorable experiences that are fundamental to learning and last well beyond the trip.  What is learned on these trips creates new realizations about our world both in the past and the future.  


    Students Gained Agriculture Experience

    NSHS hydroponics

    The Hydroponics system that you provided has introduced students to growing food without dirt. They have also gotten the opportunity to produce food any time during the year. The students did not believe it was possible to grow food without dirt, and this hydroponics project has opened up real world experiences for the students. 

    “We have been growing lettuce like crazy,” said Susan Cromer, Exceptional Children Teacher at North Surry High School, “and students cannot wait to experiment with other vegetables, herbs, and fruits.”


    Without your donation, these opportunities may not be available for students to enjoy.  

    Thank you for making sure all students are able to enjoy opportunities to learn!  Continue your support with a secure online gift today!