Guidelines and Approval Process

  • peachjar logo Flyer Distribution Format Requirements:

    • Be uploaded in .PDF format
    • Be in portrait orientation- 8.5 x 11
    • Must be 4 pages or less
    • Cannot exceed a file size of 6MB
    • Embedded links within a flyer are not supported

    To Begin the Approval Process:

    1. Create an account at the Peachjar website - register as a "Program Provider". If your organization is non-profit, please enter the tax id number from the organization's 501(c)(3). 
    2. Go to Peachjar’s homepage. Click ‘login’ and enter your username and password.
    3. Click ‘Send a Flyer’ under the ‘My Flyers’ heading on the left.
    4. Choose a Category and Subcategory.
    5. Enter the title of your flyer.
    6. Event Location: If your event has a location, add an address and a map will be displayed.
    7. Event Start Date: If your event has a specific date, enter the date of your event.
    8. Note to Flyer Approver: This allows you to send a short message to the flyer approver regarding your flyer, program, or organization.
    9. Choose Schools: You can filter schools by entering the school name, district name, city, state, or zip code in the search bar and clicking the ‘Find’ button. You can also narrow down your results by adding a grade level filter or by zooming in and out of the map to change the mile radius of your search.
    10. Click on ‘Selected Schools’ to view your current selection and click on ‘Available Schools’ to view the additional schools that are available to select. Use the checkboxes to manually select and de-select schools.
    11. Duration: Choose the duration of your posting. Your flyer will be removed automatically after the time period expires.  Start Date: You may choose to have your flyer immediately queued for delivery, or schedule distribution for a specific date. If you select a duration longer than 1 month, your flyer will be emailed at the beginning of each 30 day period.
    12. Upload Flyer: Click “Choose file” and upload your PDF file. Flyers must be 1-4 pages in length and no more than 6MB in size.
    13. Once uploaded, the text from your flyer will be copied into a description box for ADA purposes. Please review this text to ensure it matches what is on the flyer. If your flyer contains font in size 12pt or smaller, or if it is a scanned document, the software may not pick up the text. If this is the case, you can click into the box and manually add it.
    14. Select Calls to Action: If there is a website associated with your flyer, enter the URL into the “Learn More” field. If you would like to add another call-to-action in addition to Learn More, you can include “Sign Up Now”, “Call Now” or “Download App”.

    All flyers must include the following disclaimer: 
    For Information Only. This is not a program of Surry County Schools. It is not endorsed or supported by the school system. 

    Approval Process - The Non-School Sponsored Literature Committee will approve the flyers which promote:

    • Activities for families and students that are sponsored by organizations who support our schools
    • Events which align to the vision, mission, and core values of our district which benefit student learning
    • Opportunities which support education beyond the classroom

    General Guidelines for Flyers:

    • The information posted cannot be in violation of SCS Board policy, state or federal law. 
    • Will be for student events within the district.
    • Official proof of nonprofit status must be provided upon request by Peachjar and/or Surry County Schools.
    • All flyers must include the following disclaimer: For Information Only. This is not a program of Surry County Schools. It is not endorsed or supported by the school system. 

Questions about the Flyer Approval Process or Surry County Schools' Flyer Policies, Please Conta

  •  Tracey Lewis Dr. Tracey H. Lewis  
     P.O. Box 364, 209 N. Crutchfield Street
     Dobson  27017                      
     336/386-4756 (fax)