Guidelines and Approval Process

  • peachjar logo Flyer Distribution Format Requirements:

    • Be uploaded in .PDF format
    • Be in portrait orientation- 8.5 x 11
    • Must be 4 pages or less
    • Cannot exceed a file size of 6MB
    • Embedded links within a flyer are not supported

    To Begin the Approval Process for a Program Provider:
    At Peachjar, click signup, add your email, and choose Program provider as the account type.  Once you do, this page comes up: 

         Peachjar Directions

    Once you submit that page, you have an account.  Now, once you log in you will see the following.  If you are a non-profit, there is an announcement that asks you to verify your non-profit status (middle section below).  When you click the button, you will see what is shown on the last picture…

         Peachjar Directions 2

    On this page you can add your EIN. All you must do is type in the 9 numbers and the system will automatically add the dash (-).  As you can see this is where you can upload your IRS letter of determination.  Once you save it, your account is complete, and you can upload emails (flyers).  Please see the section below on requesting a free account.         

              Peachjar Directions 3

    Program Providers Contact Peachjar to Request a Free Account
    In order to consider a free account, Peachjar will need a few important pieces of information. Please email Peachjar Support with answers to the following questions:

    1. Which school district (Surry County Schools) will you be posting to?
    2. What is the exact number of schools that you would like to post to in this district? (Please note, there is a maximum of 25 schools allowed in the free posting)
    3. Are all of the events that you post about free, or do you sometimes post about events where fees are charged? (This will help Peachjar to determine the correct account type to give you.)
    4. If there are vendors present, were they required to pay the organizers a fee in order to be able to sell their own items or attend?
    5. What is the email address that your account is registered under? (If you have not yet registered for an account you can do so at An account will need to be created before free posting can be granted). 

    Lastly, please attach your flyer for review and send everything to Peachjar will get back to you after reviewing the flyer details. Thank you so much!

    All flyers must include the following disclaimer: 
    For Information Only. This is not a program of Surry County Schools. It is not endorsed or supported by the school system. 

    Approval Process - The Non-School Sponsored Literature Committee will approve the flyers which promote:

    • Activities for families and students that are sponsored by organizations who support our schools
    • Events which align to the vision, mission, and core values of our district which benefit student learning
    • Opportunities which support education beyond the classroom

    General Guidelines for Flyers:

    • The information posted cannot be in violation of SCS Board policy, state or federal law. 
    • Will be for student events within the district.
    • Official proof of nonprofit status must be provided upon request by Peachjar and/or Surry County Schools.
    • All flyers must include the following disclaimer: For Information Only. This is not a program of Surry County Schools. It is not endorsed or supported by the school system. Permission to distribute or display material does not imply approval of its contents by Surry County Schools' administrators, the Surry County School Board of Education, or the Non-School Sponsored Literature Committee reviewing the material submitted.

Questions about the Flyer Approval Process or SCS Flyer Policies, Please Contact

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