Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Cheltsea Golding

Miss Cheltsea Golding, a second-year teacher at Franklin Elementary School was named the first-ever Surry County Schools Beginning Teacher of the Year.  

Miss Golding attended Surry County Schools and graduated from Surry Early College and Lees McRae University. She teaches fourth grade at Franklin and is said to be a strong motivator and communicator in her classroom. Principal, Molly Anderson commented, “I am so proud Cheltsea is a Franklin Bulldog. She is a lifelong learner and I am excited to see what she will do with her students each day.”

Superintendent Reeves shared, “Miss Golding has a positive rapport with her students. She works hard to treat all students with respect and kindness while also setting high expectations. I appreciate what you mean to the profession and what you mean to the future of the profession.” During the virtual meeting, numerous congratulatory chat messages were shared.