Welcome to Copeland Elementary School

  • School Hours  Our school doors open at 7:25 each morning.  Breakfast is served beginning at 7:45 and ending at 8:00.   Car riders arriving before 7:45 should wait in the hall by their teacher's classroom.  At 7:45 all students should either go to breakfast or to their classroom.  Students are expected to be in their classroom before the 8:00 bell, if not they will be counted tardy. In the afternoons, students load the busses in front of the school while the back parking lot is for car riders.The back parking lot will open at 2:15 each day for the car rider line.  

    Transportation  Students arriving by car in the morning should unload in the front parking lot.  The back parking lot is reserved for bus riders to unload in the mornings.  For the children's safety and yours please respect this rule.  Teaching assistants will help unload your child in the mornings to help keep the car line moving.  In the afternoons car riders will load in the back parking lot and bus riders in the front.  Special area teachers will load your children in the afternoons.  Please do not arrive to to line up in the car line before 2:15 PM.  The back parking lot will be blocked off until 2:15 PM each day.  This is for the safety of your children.  Please DO NOT PARK in the grass and walk through to pick up your child, you need to be in the car line.   This is for the safety of your child, please respect this rule.

    Conferences with teachers  Teachers are available to take your phone calls after 3 p.m. You can also call the receptionist and ask the teacher to call you during her planning time.  You may also take advantage of our new voice mail system, just call and ask for whomever you wish to speak to and you will be directed to that person's voice mail.

    Lunch Guests  Students absolutely love for their parents to each lunch with them. Please come, check through the office and eat with your child as often as possible, but remember that restaurant food is not allowed in the cafeteria. 

    Volunteers  We can always use more volunteers! If you are available to volunteer for special activities in the classroom or to assist in the media center, please ask for a volunteer form in the front office or from your child's teacher.

    Cafeteria Prices

                       Breakfast                              Lunch

    Child            Free                                     $2.40

    Adult          $1.50                                     $4.00

    Parents may prepay by sending cash or a check to the cafeteria.
    On-line payments can be made using a credit card (a registration usage fee applies.)
    Parents may monitor their child's meal activity through this website.

    School Supply Machine  Your child may purchase school supplies as needed from the school supply machine near the cafeteria. 
    1 pencil is 25 cents; 2 erasers are 25 cents, and 1 notebook is 75 cents.