Our School

  • SOMS Logo The Surry County School System strives to provide a high-quality education to all of our students within a flexible environment customized to each student’s learning preferences and needs. The first pillar of the vision of the Surry County Board of Education 2019-2023 Strategic Plan pertains to Achievement. The goal is to maximize individual student achievement through a culture of personalized learning. Strategic priorities within that goal include:

    • opportunities to provide flexible education and expanded virtual learning for all students,
    • expanded choice programs for students using time as one variable for learning,
    • opportunities to decrease the focus on time for learning and focus on mastery/competency-based learning, and
    • expanded choice options for students and families through an additional magnet school.

    To fulfill the vision, Surry County Schools is committed to personalizing learning for all students. Virtual options to students in grades 3-12 have expanded with the second magnet school of choice, Surry Online Magnet School. The model will be fully customizable as a virtual or blended model for students who want flexible virtual options but who also want to take advantage of great learning opportunities afforded to students on our school campuses.

    Surry Online Magnet School will provide a choice option for:

    • current homeschool students who want to engage in a blended model partnership between the home and public school;
    • students and their families who want full flexibility in regard to time and place;
    • students who learn best working independently in an online environment; or
    • high school students who want flexibility in order to fully develop a schedule conducive to taking college courses, completing required high school courses, and/or working simultaneously.

    The goal of the Surry County Schools System is to offer courses that are developed locally and are delivered by our very own Surry County teachers who develop relationships with their students in small class environments.