Surry County School System Guidelines

  • Crowdfunding on behalf of the school system is prohibited unless undertaken by an employee with prior written approval under this policy.  No action towards initiating a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of the school system may be taken until the campaign is approved in writing pursuant to this policy. 

    No employee or student will be compelled to initiate or participate in a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of the school system.  Students are permitted to participate in publicizing an employee’s approved crowdfunding campaign but are prohibited from otherwise engaging in crowdfunding on behalf of the school system.  Employees or students who participate in crowdfunding on behalf of the school system are acting in their capacity as employees or students and are subject to all rules governing employee and student conduct.

    Except in furtherance of an approved campaign, employees are prohibited from doing any of the following as part of a crowdfunding campaign: identifying as an employee of or stating an association with the school system; using a school system email address, school name, logo, or mascot; or linking to or referencing any school website, social media site, platform, or account associated with the school system.

    Approved crowdfunding campaigns will operate in compliance with all laws and other board policies and regulations, including policies 6401/9100, Ethics and the Purchasing Function; 8210, Grants and Funding for Special Projects; and 8220, Gifts and Bequests, except as otherwise provided in this policy.

Crowdfunding Request Form

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