• SCS School Health Advisory Council Vision:  The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) strives to educate, empower, and encourage its employees and students in their lifelong pursuit of wellness.  Our commitment is to provide a workplace, classroom/school environment that promotes the progressive development of mental, physical, emotional, and social health.  Through group activities, individual programs, and educational opportunities we aim to equip our employees and students with the knowledge to live more healthful, professional and personal lives.

    SCS School Health Advisory Council Mission:  The mission of the Surry County Schools School Health Advisory Committee is to provide a forum in which school and community representatives work together to address health and wellness issues in order to provide healthful living leadership within the school district.

    Below is a list of members that serve on the SHAC Team.  This council is dedicated to discussions each quarter to assist students and staff in wellness throughout the Surry County Schools.  Please feel free to contact them with ideas that you may have to increase staff and student health and awareness within our district.



    School SHAC Member Title SHAC Member Title
    District (Co-Chair) Neil Atkins CTE/Accountability    
    District (Co-Chair) Jodi Southern SCTG Project Coordinator/Student Services    
    CRES Josh McCrary Health/PE    
    CMS Shelley Higgins Health/PE    
    CES Cody McCormick Health/PE - -
    DES Tony Smith Health/PE Monette Chattin School Nurse
    ESHS Danielle Robertson School Nurse Carol Roberts Health Occupations
    FRES Tanner Easter Health/PE Marcia Cox School Nurse
    FES Sherry Smith Health/PE Jan Casstevens School Nurse
    GMS Amber Horton Health/PE - -
    MMMS Justin Collins Health/PE Marcia Cox School Nurse
    MPES Savannah Carpenter Health/PE Alicia Draughn School Nurse
    NSHS Hayley Zurita School Counselor - -
    PMES Travis Taylor Health/PE Kari Casstevens School Nurse
    PMMS Steve Whitt Health/PE - -
    RES Jennifer Creed School Nurse Madison Robinette Social Worker
    SES Jeffrey Blunt School Counselor - -
    SCHS Mandy Holt Health/PE Jonathan Carpenter Administrator
    SECHS Jennifer Creed School Nurse - -
    WES India Lambert Health/PE Danielle Robertson School Nurse
    WPES Staci Hiatt Health/PE - -
    At Large        
    Community Charley Knott Surry Co. Health/Nutrition Allie Willard Surry Co. Health/Nutrition
    Childrens Center Robin Testerman Director - -
    School Board Member        
    Child Nutrition Member George Sulecki Assistant to the Director for Child Nutrition    
    Student Rep Katie Pell   Willow Lawson  
    Parent Rep Alaina Cruise      
WSCC Model that outlines goals for committee
  • 2022-2023 SHAC Meetings

    Meetings are being held virtually at this time.


    • October 20, 2022
    • December 8, 2022
    • February 23, 2023
    • TBD