Student Code of Conduct

  • All decisions related to student behavior are guided by the Surry County Board of Education’s educational objective to teach responsibility and respect for cultural and ideological differences and by the board’s commitment to create safe, orderly and inviting schools.  Student behavior policies are provided in order to establish: (1) expected standards of student behavior; (2) principles to be followed in managing student behavior; (3) consequences for prohibited behavior or drug/alcohol policy violations; and (4) required procedures for addressing misbehavior. (Refer to SCSB Policy Code 4300 and SCSB Policy Code 4300R)

    A range of consequences have been developed to assist principals, assistant principals and school officials in determining appropriate disciplinary consequences for student behavior. Conduct in violation of board policies, rules of the local school, and federal or state law will result in disciplinary consequences. It is important for parents and students to understand that a range of consequences may be available. School administrators may choose from the range of consequences based on mitigating and aggravating factors unless specific consequences are required by law.