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SCS Board Members Provide Leadership in the State


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October 7, 2019


Surry County Board of Education Members Provide Key Leadership in the State


Two Surry County Board of Education Members are providing leadership across the state of North Carolina as they serve in two key leadership roles. 


Dr. Terri E. Mosley, Chair of the Surry County Board of Education, is currently serving on the governing body of the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA) Board of Directors.  Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Association at the annual Delegate Assembly.  The Board has charge and control of the Association and may act in matters for the Association between sessions of the Delegate Assembly.


NCSBA is a professional organization that represents local boards of education in North Carolina. It is a member-driven association that supports the school governance team—school board members, superintendents, senior administrative staff and board assistants—in its complex leadership role.  NCSBA also helps develop, communicate and advocate for the perspective of North Carolina school districts.[1]


Dr. Mosley began her career in education as a substitute teacher after receiving a Bachelor of Arts,

and while working on a Master of Science degree from the University of Kentucky. After moving to North Carolina, she served as a teacher and coach at North Surry High School and then returned to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to complete her Doctor of Education. 


Returning to Surry County Schools, she served as an assistant principal, a principal, and a central office director supervising programs in Student Services, Student Accountability, Media & Technology, and Federal Programs. Two of her proudest accomplishments include being recognized as the Surry County Schools Teacher of the Year in 1995 and the Surry County Schools Principal of the Year in 2004. After retiring as Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services for Surry County Schools, she joined the

Surry County Board of Education in 2014. Along with the Surry County Board of Education, she currently serves on the boards for the Children’s Center of Surry, Inc. and the American Red

Cross, along with serving on the Surry County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.





In other news, Mrs. Mamie Sutphin, Surry County Board of Education Member, was recently appointed by the Chair of the State Board of Education, Mr. Eric C. Davis, to serve on the Transforming Principal Prep/NC Principal Fellows Program Commission.  This commission is tasked with improving the principal preparation pipeline in North Carolina through the merger of two principal preparation programs. 


Mrs. Sutphin is serving a 4-year term to assist in the adoption of standards to ensure the highest-quality principal preparation programs receive grant awards under the new Principal Fellows/TP3 Program, and as a result of Senate Bill 227.  The ultimate goal of the commission is to ensure rigorous and relevant state-funded principal preparation programs are available across the state.  Commission members will also work to create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, will advise on administrative decisions, program oversight, and loan forgiveness considerations. 


Mrs. Mamie Sutphin was elected to the Surry County Board of Education in 2014 and is serving her second term. She also serves as the chair of the Policy and Personnel Committee on the Board of Education. Mrs. Sutphin works for Reynolds American. In her role as Director of Community Engagement Programs, she serves on various boards in Winston-Salem and also serves on the board of the North Carolina Business Committee for Education.


Dr. Travis L. Reeves, Superintendent of Surry County Schools stated, “I am extremely proud of all of our Board members.  They work tirelessly to remove obstacles for teachers to ensure all of our students receive a world-class education.”  Furthermore, “Dr. Mosley has been a leader in Surry County Schools for many years.  Her vast knowledge of education is an asset to the North Carolina School Boards Association.  Mrs. Sutphin is a valued member of the community and the Board.  Her expertise will lend itself well as she serves on the Transforming Principal Prep/North Carolina Principal Fellows Program Commission.  It is vitally important principal preparation programs are preparing principal leaders equipped to make an impact on students, and I am very happy Mrs. Sutphin will be a part of the continuous improvement of these programs across the state.  Surry County Schools is very fortunate to benefit from the leadership our Board Members provide on a daily basis, and will now be shared across the state of North Carolina.”



Pictured are Dr. Terri E. Mosley and Mrs. Mamie Sutphin.