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Franklin Elementary Breaks Ground

It was a glorious day for a groundbreaking ceremony at Franklin Elementary on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, when a group of students, staff, district officials, and community members assembled to witness the special event that marked the beginning of much-needed renovations to the campus. The vision for the Franklin Elementary construction project include the following:

● Focuses on improving safety by renovating the front entrance

● Enhances the overall learning environment for students with the renovation of the primary building

● Modernizes and updates the gymnasium and Pre-K classrooms with renovations

● Creates kitchen expansion to better serve students and adds bathrooms to the cafeteria

● Improves energy efficiency with new windows

Principal Molly Anderson presided over the event with students representing the student body actively participating throughout the program. The Student Council Vice-President, Master Logan Wall, delivered the invocation and Master Jackson Dunning, Student Council President, discussed the impact the construction and renovations will have on students and their learning.

School Board Member, Mr. Brian Moser stated, “This is a time to cherish precious memories of the relationships formed here and the love for children. We are renovating this school and creating newer facilities that will be safer and provide a more comfortable learning environment for our children. What will remain is the love shown to children as they get a world-class education.”

“We want to thank our school board, county commissioners, superintendent, community members, architects, construction workers, and anyone else who has had a part in making the renovations a reality at our school. We know that these renovations will improve our school and the quality of education for all students,” shared Franklin Elementary’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Kindle Giles. Mrs. Ashley Eades, PTO President, expressed her thanks on behalf of the community and expressed that the community as a whole is excited to see the renovations that will take place. Superintendent Travis L. Reeves addressed the crowd by acknowledging that the groundbreaking marked a day to be celebrated. “Schools like Franklin Elementary are a big part of the community and the community is a big part of the school. Together we are stronger. Jim Rohn said, ‘Whatever good things we build end up building us.’ This building will draw us closer together to support students in their future.” Furthermore, Superintendent Reeves commented, “This groundbreaking would not be possible without the vision and foresight of the Surry County Board of Education. The Surry County Commissioners walked step by step with us through this journey. I extend a sincere thank you to the commissioners for their partnership and for committing the resources to fund this project as well as the other two school construction projects at Dobson Elementary and Mountain Park Elementary.”

After the actual groundbreaking, cheers and clapping broke out followed by a collective THANK YOU from the students, staff, and parents present.