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Science Olympiad

Congrats Meadowview Students!!!

Regional Science Olympiad Competition:

1st place: Water Quality (State Qualifier)
Jill Simandle, Kyndal Rakes

2nd place: Amazing Mechatronics
Eperson Hughes, Jackson Lindsay

3rd place: Duct Tape Challenge
Jill Simandle, Erika Burcham

4th place: Fossils
Nadia Hernandez, Makynna Jackson

4th place: Ping Pong Parachute
Jackson Lindsay, Kendall Oakley

4th place: Roller Coaster Challenge
Kendall Oakley, Isabella Jackson

5th place: Anatomy and Physiology
Kyndal Takes, Latoria Duncan

4th place: Overall Team
Eperson Hughes, Lindsay Jackson, Latoria Duncan, Kyndall Rakes, Erika Burcham, Jill Simandle, Nadia Hernandez, Makynna Jackson, Isabella Jackson, Kendall Oakley, Alex Cropps, Yami Almarez, Cole Carroll, Alison Paige, Ashley Flores, Julio Gonzalez, Nataly Avalos, (Lilly Morgan- not pictured)