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Project Speak Up

Annually, Surry County Schools seeks feedback from teachers, students, and parents to help us improve learning for all students.

Surry County Schools is participating in the Speak Up for Digital Learning survey. Since 2003, over 5 million K-12 parents, teachers, and students have shared their ideas about education technology through the Speak Up online surveys and we need your ideas too. The survey is free to us and will be used to help us plan for the future so we need to hear from all of our teachers, students, and parents.

The survey is open through January 31, 2019.

Instructions for completing the Speak Up survey:

1. Click here 

2. Select your survey type.
3. Select your school and begin the survey.

The survey consists of mostly multiple choice items and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Please join the conversation about the use of technology for learning! To learn more about the project, visit Project Tomorrow. Thank you for your input on improving technology education for all Surry County School system students.