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Surry County School System Educators Are Scheduled for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Date: February 19, 2021
Dobson, NC ― School officials received notification from Surry County Health Director, Samantha Ange that any Surry County School System employee desiring a COVID-19 vaccine will be able to get their first shot on Thursday and Friday, February 25 and 26, 2021. More than 500 employees are taking advantage of this opportunity to be vaccinated. This does not include the group of 65 and older employees who have already received the vaccine, nor the employees that have already been vaccinated from other sources. Undoubtedly, the vaccine clinics are contingent on vaccine supplies. Mrs. Ange has worked strategically to provide multiple locations school employees may visit for vaccination next week to make it work, and school system employees are excited about the opportunity.
“Safety of students and staff has been our top priority throughout the pandemic, and especially when we returned to in-person learning. Our priority continues to be keeping everyone safe, and our students in school. I am so proud of our staff. We are truly a family, and we have pulled together to support our students, families, and one another during this critical time,” stated Dr. Travis L. Reeves, Superintendent of Surry County Schools. “Vaccination planning has been underway for quite some time. Our partnership with the Surry County Health and Nutrition Center has been invaluable, and I cannot thank everyone enough for all that has been done to support our students and staff. I feel very fortunate we are able to provide vaccinations for our essential frontline employees. This will be a significant milestone to provide our educators another layer of protection when they have sacrificed so much to maintain safe schools and safe spaces to facilitate teaching and learning for our students.”
The number of staff members to be vaccinated will necessitate an early release day on Thursday, February 25, at 1:00 PM, pending vaccine supply. Friday, February 26 is already a scheduled remote learning day for Surry County School System students. Parents should please note in the event vaccine supply is unavailable for the vaccination clinics to take place on Thursday, February 25, students will not have an early release day, and the school day will end as usual at 3:00 PM. Parents will be informed of the status of the early release day as soon as we confirm supply is adequate for vaccination clinics from health officials.
“Multiple community partners are supporting the educators of Surry County and combining their resources to make sure vaccinations can be delivered next week. I want to thank Surry County Health and Nutrition Center, Northern Regional Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, and High Country Community Health in Elkin,” said Superintendent Reeves. “This is truly a community effort, and all of these agencies have pulled together to make this happen for our educators in Surry County. Together, we are stronger, and this is a great example of that strength in action. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s continued support.”