NC State University Goodnight Scholars Program - Deadline:

NC State University presents the Goodnight Scholars Program, valued at $20,500 per year for outstanding students from NC high schools and community colleges majoring in STEM and education disciplines.  The Goodnight Scholars Program invests in students from low and middle income families in NC, and represents a commitment to our students' personal, professional and academic development through scholarship funding, comprehensive programming and enrichment opportunities.  The Program empowers Goodnight Scholars to "pay it forward" as transformational leaders at NCSU, in North Carolina and the world.  

Eligibility:  There are 2 ways to become a Goodnight Scholar.  Prospective candidates who are interested in fall enrollment at NCSU as either a first-year student or transfer student who meet the Goodnight Scholars Program eligibility criteria may be considered for an invitation to apply.  For more information about our criteria and selection process, please visit,